Single purpose Canes
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Double purpose Canes

STATEMENT: The source of our goods has an impeccable provenance. All canes in the collection are as described. If the entire cane, handle and shaft are both original, the descriptive sentence calls it a cane. When just the handle is original, his description indicates that it is a cane handle and the handle is "mounted" on a specific shaft.

Click photo for more details Unusual Pique with Stars, Tall Cane. England, circa 1700

The elephant ivory handle is 6 cm high, 4 cm in diameter and it has a wonderful, over 300 year old patina. It is fashioned in the English pique manner with tinny hollow silver dots. They are arranged in a nine stars motif. All the pique work appears to be intact. There is a 2 cm scalloped silver collar on top of a high malacca shaft. The O.L. is 1,15 Mt and the condition is Perfect. It is a marvellous exponent of this desired kind of canes.


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