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STATEMENT: The source of our goods has an impeccable provenance. All canes in the collection are as described. If the entire cane, handle and shaft are both original, the descriptive sentence calls it a cane. When just the handle is original, his description indicates that it is a cane handle and the handle is "mounted" on a specific shaft.

Click photo for more details A Wonderful Russian-Silver 3 Horses, Defensive System Cane. Moscow, 1896

The elegant crook handle is 10 cm high x 11,5 cm to the side x 3 cm tick, it is embellished with the figure of three horses heads in a competition racing, the suggestion on speed is astonishing

It has the 84 standard, is dated 1896 with maker’s mark OG, beneath Imperial warrant, the doublehead-eagle and the OL is 90 cm

Click photo for more details
Click photo for more details
Click photo for more details 18th Century Skul, Defensive System Walking Cane. England? circa 1770

The elephant ivory handle is 10 cm high and 4 cm diameter, it represents a skull carved on top of the handle, there are a snake and a few flies engraved on it. The triangular shape steel blade is 48 cm long and is conceived to enter in the chamber in only one way. It has an original ferule, the O. L. is 88 cm and without chips or cracks the condition is excellent.

It is a very good example of an 18th c. defensive cane made for the upper class.

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