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STATEMENT: The source of our goods has an impeccable provenance. All canes in the collection are as described. If the entire cane, handle and shaft are both original, the descriptive sentence calls it a cane. When just the handle is original, his description indicates that it is a cane handle and the handle is "mounted" on a specific shaft.

Click photo for more details Spy Device, Art Deco System Cane, France circa 1920

The parallelepiped handle elaborated with Macassar ebony, mirrors and glass, works as a periscope inside an optical case to look behind, it is 4,5 high x 2,5 x 12 cm to the side, there is a thin metal collar fixed with nails, it is on top of a tapering down Acacia Koa wood shaft and finished with a bakelite tip. This Cane is an optical device, the mechanics work wonderful, without wear or cracks the condition is perfect, this System Cane survives intact inside a cupboard the last 90 ... read more

Click photo for more details Wine tester System Walking Cane, France circa 1900

The flattened sphere handle made in elephant ivory is 3 cm high and 6 cm. diameter, the terrace has a bronze badge engraved with a bunch of grapes and three characters, the chamber on top unscrews to reveal a corkscrew, in the lowest chamber there is a glass flask closed with a cork to keep a sample of the best spirits, it has a 2 cm. bimetal ferule. The OL is 89 cm. and the condition is excellent.

Similar examples: 24/19 & 24/20 are shown on page 241 of C. Dike's Cane Curiosa.

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Click photo for more details Botanist’s System Cane. France, circa 1880

The width of the horn handle is 3 cm, and 7 cm high. The scissors, the crowbar and top are signed DUBOIS as a trade mark, in addition a little brush in the knob in order to facilitate Pollination. There is a metal ring with a weave pattern on top of a bamboo shaft. The O. L. is 89 cm. and the condition is excellent.

A similar cane is shown on page 207, pic. 25/15 of: Cane Curiosa by C. Dike.

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