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STATEMENT: The source of our goods has an impeccable provenance. All canes in the collection are as described. If the entire cane, handle and shaft are both original, the descriptive sentence calls it a cane. When just the handle is original, his description indicates that it is a cane handle and the handle is "mounted" on a specific shaft.

Click photo for more details Automaton Monkey, System Walking cane. England, circa 1890

The carved and painted wood handle is 9 cm high x 5,5 cm at its widest. It depicts in fine detail a Chimpanzee dressed as a bourgeois, wearing a white hat and white collar, it has two colour glass eyes. When a button at the back of the head is engaged, it stick-out its tongue on a gracious way. It is on top of a hardwood shaft, there is a metal collar and a bimetal ferrule. The mechanics work wonderful, without cracks, it has a few little chips on the white hat, nevertheless the condition ... read more

Click photo for more details Articulated Ebony Duck, System Walking cane. France, circa 1890

The well carved ebony wood handle is 6 cm high x 9 cm to the side x 3 cm wide. It depicts a wonderfully detailed duck with a caricaturesque expression, it has yellow glass eyes, ivory tongue and teeth and the tongue is conceived to vibrate continuously, the mechanics work very well. There is a woven collar made with silver thread. It is on top of a slender ebony shaft carved with dots and ending whit a bimetal ferule. The OL is 88 cm and without chips or cracks the condition is perfect.

Moving ... read more

Click photo for more details Spy-lens Bone gauntlet System walking cane. England, circa 1890

Unusual spy lens inside a carved bone in the form of a gauntlet with scrolls is 12 cm high and 4 cm. thick, mounted circa 1920 on a two sections ebony shaft with an ivory ring in middle as the fashion at that time was. The O.L. is 91 cm. Without chips or cracks the condition is perfect.

Antique Walking Cane Collection   Antiker Spazierstock Sammlung Antique Canne Collection  Antiek Wandelstok Verzameling  Antico Bastone Collezione Античный трость коллекции   ... read more

Click photo for more details BEKKO Flashlight System Walking Cane. England, circa 1940

The black Bakelite crook handle is 3,5 cm high, 13 cm along the arc and is about 2 cm thick, it is stamped REG N 81866. There is a 3 cm metal collar on a thick metal shaft. Just below the collar there is a button that activates the battery-operated illuminator. The unusual ferrule is 7,5cm long and gives access to the small light bulb and the batteries. It has 4 open windows, and is marked BEKKO PAT. PDG 9976. When activated, it allows the light to shine through illuminating the floor ... read more

Click photo for more details Nymph of the marshes, Utility Walking Cane. France, circa 1870

One-piece cane. In between Folk art and bourgeois, this slender of figure is special made to walk in the marshes. Crowned with a carved nymph adorned with aquatic plants. It has a 5 cm metal tip. O.L. 1,20 Mt. it has no cracks, the condition is perfect.

Ref: F90021

Click photo for more details Folk-art Pipe System Walking Cane. France, circa 1880

One-piece of a very unusual combination of Folk-art & System cane, the handle is 30cm wide, it has a metal tip. O.L. 93cm. = 36 5/8in. No cracks, the condition is perfect.


Click photo for more details Stingray Riding-whip. Circa 1880

The Stingray shaft is 70 cm. long, the handle is silver chased on a English colonial pattern 7 cm. long 4 cm. in diameter, O.L. 84 cm. Perfect condition, no cracks.